1. Does Phyt exponent provoke any allergic reactions?

Allergic Reactions Because of our too 'hygienic' way of life, allergies have become more common than ever. It would make little sense to worry about allergic reactions while using Phyt exponent : none of the ingredients we use are known allergens and thousands of people all over the world have supplemented their diets with Phyt exponent without any known side effects. Of course, some people might be allergic to one or more of the components, but if we had to take this into account, we would also need to remove all coffee, tea, cacao and milk drinks from the store shelves.

2. What do you mean with 'the traditional use of medicinal plants'?'

Traditional Use of Medicinal Plants Traditional usage of medicinal plants has clearly shown they are usually very safe and non-toxic. Possible side effects are well-documented. As a side note, the term 'traditional usage' is used as a measure by both international (WHO) and European (EMEA) institutions. On top of that, there are many examples of 'classic' registered, clinically tested drugs that, after time, turn out to have severe or even deadly side effects.

3. Is Phyt exponent a drink?

Drink No, Phyt exponent isn't a drink or 'nutritional fluid', but an alcoholic extract - which is also mentioned on our label, leaflet and box. In order to optimise its potency, the extraction procedure of every plant has been thoroughy modified. Moreover, resorption is enhanced by applying our European patent (938338 dd 30/10/2009). Secondary connections have been herbally processed, allowing Phyt exponent to keep its designation as a purely vegetable product.

4. Are there any side effects to the use of Phyt exponent ?

Possible Side Effects When starting to use Phyt exponent a mild form of diarrhea may occur during the first couple of days. This is normal, as the increased immunity may enhance the elimination of bad substances in the body. The discomfort almost Always stops after a few days. If it continues beyond that (longer than a week), please consult a physician. That being said, this never leads to the treatment being discontinued. Phyt exponent also containts a relatively high concentration of garlic extract. Some people have difficulty tolerating the taste, which is why we advise to buy empty capsules at the pharmacy and adding a few drops of Phyt exponent . Please make sure to use a capsule soon after doing this. Finally, Phyt is based on alcoholic vegetable extracts that may cause a slight burning sensation in the mouth, esophagus and stomach. However, this can be easily avoiced by mixing the product with half a glass (100 ml or 3.38 ounces) of water. Because of the mild side effects, Phyt exponent is very much suited to being used in countries with limited medical infrastructure.

5. What is the interaction between Phyt exponent and 'Anti-Retroviral Products' ('ARV')?

Anti-Retrovirale Producten Usage of Phyt exponent has been primarily researched in areas that have no access to western prescription drugs. Therefore, patients were only incidentally treated with both ARV and our supplement. Small-scale research has shown that Phyt exponent greatly limits the side effects of ARV. A number of very sick patients with a CD4-value of < 200/mm³ were gives ARVs together with our product. Even though only a few cases have been carried out with this combined treatment, early results are very promising.

6. At what temperature should I keep my product?

Temperature Research has shown that alcoholic plant extracts are best stocked as cold as possible and can be used up to 4 years after production without any loss of efficiency. To guarantee efficacy for this long a time period, Pharmapath and its distributors store the product at ± 8 °C. We strongly advice to exhibit the display packages for no more than 1 month at room temperature (25 °C maximum) and to limit uncooled exposure to temperatures higher than 25 °C to a maximum of 2 months after purchase (we suggest to store in a fridge at temperatures of ± 8 °C).

7. How exactly does our immune systems grow weaker?

Immune System The immune system is a natural defense that combats a large number of intruders, such as bacteria, viruses, fungus and mutated cells. A weakend immune system compromised our ability to resist foreign bodies and/or morphed cells. This weakness may be caused by a recent disease, emotional or family problems and work-related stress, but age, genetics, etc. can also be contributing factors. Modern illnesses such as AIDS and CFS are caused by the destruction, weakening or severe limitation of the immune system. Phyt exponent mobilised the immune system, so that it regains or improves its ability to withstand foreign attacks by viruses, bacteria and fungi.

8. Is Phyt exponent an stimulating agent?

Does Phyt exponent contain Stimulating agents Phyt exponent does not contain any substances that cause arousal. Neither is it addictive or does it lose effectiveness when used for a while. Some patients do develop a healthy appetite and gain more energy.

9. Can Phyt exponent be used in combination with prescription drugs?

Interaction with Other Drugs Phyt exponent can safely be used with prescription drugs.

10. Does Phyt Exponent contain phytotherapeutic components?

Phyt exponent does it contain Psychotherapeutic Components Phyt exponent doesn't contain any psychotherapeutic components.